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Just another corrupt governor from Illinois, which thinks that most people from Illinois are just stupid *!@#&*!@ idiots that keep on !@#*!@#!@#ing electing him.

A vain governor, known to erect signs of "Rod Blagojevich, governor" over the Illinois Tollway system. Was inspired by his German Shepherd dog which urinated on the neighbor's trees, thus marking its territory.

Blago's hairdo usually covers his "to-do" list. Most of his corrupt evidence, including the desire to force children from some Children's Hospital to pay to play so they can get their life-saving heart transplant. But according to Blagojevich, those little !*&@#&($#% should suffer if they don't pay him.

The very same governor put signs over patches of weeds in honor of his, gawd-all-mighty spoiled as hell, soccer mom bitch, Patti Blagojevich.

Not to be confused with Weird Al Yancovich which has more character and a better hairdo.
Dan: Blagojevich is my governor
Rob: Ummm.... Blago... blago... jev... yavi... ich
Dan: Yeah... well did you hear some kid had to pour out his last savings to get his life back?
Rob: Yeah... he died because he was missing 2 pennies.
Dan: Damn bastard!
by Danno79 January 12, 2009

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