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A store where people shop!! Thats it. Who the hell cares what people wear. I got tons of abercrombie stuff. I'm a good guy ya'll. Smart, Nice, well-spokken... just because I wear A and F doesn't mean I'm an asshole or an idiot. I'm nice to everybody. DO NOT STEREOTYPE!!! Black dudes can drive harleys. Smart people shop at Hollister. Polo people listen to rap.. Everyones different!!!!!
**An exact copy of fiddy is walking by A and F**
*A white prepped out dude is walking out of A and F*
**They collide**
"Yo watchit!"
"Oh I'm sorry bout that"
"oo.. its okay"
"Hey is this yours?"
*prep picks up NWA CD that fiddy dropped"*
"oo this CD ...nice"
"Yee just got it"
"I love that CD, dude, my girl has it."
"Yee? Heres my number man, call me and ill burn ya one"
"Hey thanks man"
"No problem.. you seem like a cool guy"
by Dannio July 21, 2005

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