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1 definition by Danniaulle

The hottest girl. Other girls want to be her, guys want to date her. That one person you look at and whether you've known her five minutes or ten years you think 'DAMN'. This girl is beautiful, funny, inteligent, kind, independant, loyal, amazing in bed and very, very rare to find! If you manage to get one of these girl, hold on to her (but not to tightly - this one is a free spirit) because you will always regret letting her go.

Yvanna is a beautiful butterfly flittering about the world for all to enjoy, if she chooses to land on your hand, don't tighten it, because that will make her fly away. But if she chooses to stay, you have the best partner for life anyone could hope for.
You're one lucky man, she's a total 'Yvanna'.
by Danniaulle June 15, 2011