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The most remote and isolated part of any given area. In case of urban areas it is the most derelict and poverty stricken part. Every city, country and area has its own backarse since the term is relative to the more affluent and densely populated places.

In extremely remote places the term 'backarse of nowhere' may be used. This is a more severe version of 'middle of nowhere'. If you can get a mobile phone signal in a very remote area it is the middle of nowhere. In the backarse of nowhere, only satellite phones work.

There is nothing wrong with being, or even living in the backarse of nowhere. However some urbanites and preps may be scared and feel insecure in such places.
I spent my days living in the Backarse of nowhere. Like Robinson Crusoe, it's as primitive as can be.
by Dankoozy September 07, 2008
Short for 'satellite phone'; a communication device that is mightier than the more common cell phone which every 5 year old chick now has.

These phones communicate with satellites in space using an abnormally large antenna instead of those ugly towers that have sprung up everywhere in the past couple of years.

Satellite phones are typically larger and more rugged than the ordinary mobile phones that peasants use. They are also more expensive to use and are known for their poor battery life.

They don't work so well inside buildings and are therefore unpopular with urbanites who would rather settle for a piece of shit iPhone but are an essential part of daily life in the backarse of nowhere.
Some douche called my satphone to bitch at me for hitting on his girlfriend. The call cost him so much he's filing for bankrupcy now.
by Dankoozy September 07, 2008
American for backarse which is itself a term that describes the remotest and most isolated part of any area. Since this is the American version it has a lower threshold for remoteness. A city containing a few million people could still be described as a backass by most Americans if the city is outside the USA
Ireland? Isn't that in the backass of Yurop somewhere?

No people, no roads, no electricity, no signal on my cell phone; that must mean I'm in the backass of nowhere
by Dankoozy September 07, 2008

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