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1. State that should be Canada because the accents are the same, it's just as cold, and the people are nicer in Canada.

2. There's only two seasons. NO...not summer and winter. Winter and spring. 80 degrees is not hot, people. But -30 is cold.

3. State where snowmobiles are more often present in parking lots than cars.

4. "Oh ya, you betcha" is often heard coming out of the mouth of a Minnesotan.
1. "Oh, hey, Ike, you see the hockey game?"
"Sure, did, them silly Canadians...huh. Didja go deer huntin'?"
"Oh ya...hey Ike...I'm from Canada."
"Are ya?"
"Oh, sure, I say 'eh'."

2. "Damn it's HOT!"said the Minnesotan in his state.
"Heeeelllpp...." moaned the Minnesotan when visiting Missouri in July.

"Hey, look, snow! The weather says it's gonna snow 4 feet! And it's gonna be -25!"
"Awesome! Let's go fishing!"

3. "Jack, can you give me a ride to school?"
"Sure, bring your own helmet."

4. "You see the Vikings game?"
"Oh ya, you betcha! Vikings doing great!"
by Daniyelli March 01, 2007
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