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2 definitions by Danix

Bush and his little buddies got together and demolished a few buildings to finish the war his daddy started and for revenge, blamed the "plane crashes" on the dudes who tried to kill his father and to also get oil from their country. The whole thing was a set-up, and God Bless to the people that died that day and their families and friends.
George Bush is a psychotic freak who has nothing to do in his spare time but to risk American soldiers' lives in a pointless war that was supposed to be only one year long and blow up building's on 9/11.
by Danix May 15, 2007
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1. short for hermaphrodite
2. general insult towards someone, although usually in good humor
1. "they were all mafs at that place i tell you"
2. "dude, you fucking maf!"
by danix May 26, 2007
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