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3 definitions by Daniellian

When are girl has a baby growing inside her! After she has had unprotected sex!
We forgot protection, and my periods late! I think im pregnant!
by Daniellian August 31, 2005
610 369
To be sexualy excited!
I could go for some sex im that turned on!
by Daniellian August 31, 2005
525 345
There are different views on fuck buddies. It sounds bad but there is alot more to it! Usually involves the other two liking each other just knowing they cant work. As in relationships everyone acts different. Sp they just play around with each other and fun with their time.
Hey are you and him going out i mean you to are all over each other!
No, we just like fuck buddies! We just have fun together!
by Daniellian August 31, 2005
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