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115 definitions by Danielle

An expert on fruit.
Someone who knows the difference between a fruit and a vegetable.
Niki knows about pineapples, shes a fruitist!
by Danielle June 02, 2005
this is refered to as something going wrong..it makes the situation lively and makes the people around you laugh and makes you feel better.
when you break something at work...drop a bagel on the floor or hit the wrong button on the cash register

your logical response: THIS IS ASS
by Danielle December 20, 2003
a girl who is both a bitch and a hoe
Angela is the biggest bizzoe
by danielle September 19, 2003
* a dike that sleeps around with different females
Girl: Tracy fucked Lisa and Briana
Girl 2: That fuckin' dykewhore.
by Danielle February 10, 2005
verb. to pleasure oneself
For lack of acceptable boys in the room, the lovely lady retreated and boped herself.
by Danielle November 02, 2003
The plural form of penis.
Did you see all those peni? They were yugely perplexing with their atteetudes.
by Danielle June 04, 2003
ahhhh..enough said..
(its the fear of long words)
by Danielle February 12, 2005