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Cousin or any family member
That's my kinfolk Tramain in the picture with me.
by Danielle February 14, 2005
dubaja is the word used when you are in the middle of telling a story and this guy you like gets on AIM and you can figure out how to tel lyour friend you want her to IM him so you point at the screen and say dubaja dubaja until she goes oh andy is one and she IM's him for you
Me: so this one time at band camp i was eating a....Dubaja!
Laura: oh andy is on lets see if he'll come over
Me: was i just telling a story

(i dont really attend bandcamp kiddies)
by Danielle December 31, 2004
Fake Phsycyatrist from Texas that uses weird phrases that no one can understand
by Danielle October 11, 2003
(home fry skillet) be when yo home dawg is da shizz, he be so damn coo.
the best thing eva, home fry skillet be when y dawgs are super fly and spiffed out.
by danielle February 19, 2005
Different beliefs in gods, spirits, or other things.
My religion is Christianity.
by Danielle May 03, 2003
Your mother's picture.
Hey Mike, could you please hand me my masturbatory aid...I'm gonna go beat off.
by danielle April 09, 2007
Adj. - Completely and utterly fucking crazy. A derivation and abbreviation of the phrase "crazier than a shithouse rat".
Did you see Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct? That bitch was totally shithouse.
by danielle November 23, 2005

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