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NOUN: 1. A homeless artist or musician, commonly found in cities 2. An artistic hipster who often stays at the random homes of friends, family members and current lovers but never has any money or current mailing address 3. Unemployed college student who is in a band and hangs out in coffee shops arguing with people about current affairs
Many residents of the San Francisco Bay Area are hobohemians, creating their art and music under the guise that a life of obscurity is better than paying taxes and getting a real job.
by Danielle Belton January 25, 2005
VERB: 1. to veer completely off-course 2. to act in a way contrary to how one would normally behave 3. to be incorrect

Other variations include: "take an L" and "go left"

ETYMOLOGY: Hip hop slang
My money loving friend Karen totally took a left when she dumped her Ivy league boyfriend and married the Pizza Hut delivery guy.
by Danielle Belton January 25, 2005
NOUN: 1. a pretty girl 2. a woman of questionable reputation but appears to be outwardly decent and good 3. a wanton, teasing woman

ETYMOLOGY: Tart is an actual type of desert (pastry), i.e. a "strawberry tart" or a "fruit tart," short for tartlet

TYPES: Goth tart (sexy pop Goth girl), Blonde tart, Punk tart (a sexy punk rock girl)
No matter how hard he tried, Adam was relentless in his pursuit of Kathy, a vindictive little Goth tart who's idea of seduction was listening to Thompson Twins in a graveyard.
by Danielle Belton January 26, 2005
NOUN: A dubious religious entity that is usually out to only collect money from its followers under the guise of mysterious knowledge and secrets, often withheld with the promise that as more money is given more secrets will be revealed.

Often frequented or promoted by celebrities like a religion-of-the-month
Despite their pleas to the contrary most people think of the Church of Scientology as either a cult or a money church using mumbo jumbo to manipulate more cash out of their believers.
by Danielle Belton January 26, 2005
NOUN: 1. a ghetto dweller or hip hop aficiando who enjoys martial arts. 2. an urbanite who plays an unnatural amount of Tekken, listens to Wu-Tang and mixes his breakdance moves with martial arts. 3. A Wu-Tang Clan lover
Anthony was a total karate thug, playing Tekken Tag then doing that cheesy crane kick from "Karate Kid" in the driveway with Pookie and them from up the street.
by Danielle Belton January 25, 2005

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