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A task that is meaningless. Void of purpose or virtue. A circular path, leading to no particular destination.

One book of the bible uses this phrase many times. Ecclesiastes
Bob - "I drove my Chevy to the ground, Dear God, now I need a new one."

Greg - "Chasing the Wind eh? Try buying a car that's not designed to fail at clockwork precision."
by danielbrowniel August 29, 2008
The philosophy behind atheism.
"There isn't much disagreement in Atheology"
by danielbrowniel August 29, 2008
Invisible walls in video games that block you from reaching curtain boundaries.

'it's derived from Invisible walls in nintendo games old and new that just piss people off'
"Damn I can't jump up there, there's a Nintendo Wall.
by DanielBrowniel March 04, 2008
NFL Fantasy award given to the person with the 'most retarded trade'.

Refers to Jason McElwain, the magical, three point, shooting autistic water boy.

Brad Johnson for Matt Schaub? Give this guy the Jmac Award.
by danielbrowniel August 29, 2008
The phrase,"the Mario of", pertains to things that seem to be mediocre. Derived from all multi-player Nintendo games where Mario is kind of the "middle of the road" character when it comes to the attributes of the player.
The Chevy Cobalt is like the Mario of Vehicles isn't it?
Denny's is the Mario of Restaurants.
by DanielBrowniel March 04, 2008
slutty Italian girl, enjoys spaghetti and sex after being spent too much money on.
Tom- "Hey guys, so last night when I was looking for a new car, I bumped across this fine spaghetti-ho.."
Dave- "Your mom's a spaghetti-ho"
Tony- "Fuck you, Dave, Tom's mom is Polish"
by DanielBrowniel August 30, 2008
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