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adj. A forum or collection of forums of a 'bitchy' nature, in which people from a certain community (i.e. friends from a certain school) gather to bitch about each other or to voice their opinions on any topic, unmoderated.

Originally meaning mischievous, impish, naughtily or annoyingly playful.
"Dis forum is well puckish, innit?"

"Puckish freaks." - J. R. Green.
by Daniel Winter June 30, 2004
When someone puts you down, insults you or stresses on you for no reason. Usually caused by the female menstrual cycle (set to 'heavy flow').

Occurs in men who just want to be absolute bastard. Also known as 'Cain Treatment'
Person One: "You bastard! I hate you and never want to see you again! No-one ever calls me 'nice' and gets away with it"

Person Two: "Ok, ok, just lay off the Bowe Treatment!"
by Daniel Winter July 01, 2004
Redundantly repetitive.
Teacher got just a bit redudative when giving the same explanation for the fifth time.
by Daniel Winter March 19, 2005
The male form of 'Bowe Treatment'. When a man gets stressed seemingly for no reason and takes it out on another.
by Daniel Winter July 01, 2004
An infamous archaeologist, who is most famous for his work in Incan and Aztec artefacts, he is in many ways likened to a living Indiana Jones, or a male Lara Croft. Born in the UK, he is now a A-list celebrity even though he has had very little media coverage.

He has written books such as "The essential guide to shooting a monkey!" as a slightly satirical look on his adventures, and annoyances of the wildlife he has encountered.
"Pinto Tucker is the most influential man in the modern world today, he's been through so much but still lacks the arrogance of many a traveller, but retains the warmth and humour of a best friend!" - Nelson Mandela
by Daniel Winter June 30, 2004
Derived from the English words 'shoe' (n. footware) and 'vision' (n. The faculty of sight; eyesight).

This term relates to the experience of when one is intoxicated with alcohol, not being able to tell which shoes you have match up. (aka shoeblindness)
I was so drunk last night, I think I had shoevision.
by Daniel Winter November 11, 2004
A phrase invented by radio DJ Chris Moyles, as a take on such 'old skool' radio presenters such as Tony Blackburn.
Pop-a-doodle-doo, it's eleven minutes past the hour of nine!
by Daniel Winter June 27, 2004
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