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To say or do something that goes against all logical reason, this covers mishearing or misunderstand spoken conversation. Alix can also be used to describe someone or a situation in which someone was gullible. For example, Alix was once made to believe a friend (Brad) had his bar mitzvah coming up, despite him being 18 and never mentioning being Jewish.
Person 1: "I like these shorts cos they cover the cellulite on my bum"
Alix: "You have daffodills on your bum?"
Person 1: "Yes Alix, I have daffodills on my bum..."

Alix:"Where are you guys?"
Person 2:"In the smoking area"
Alix:"In the what??"
Person 2:"In the smoking area"
Alix:"Oh... I thought you said shagging area!"

In using the term
One friend may say to another "that was such an Alix comment"
by Daniel Teed June 11, 2008

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