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After having either anal sex or vaginal sex, the male throws his partner through a plate-glass window, normally with a well placed pile of manure and/or beehives where the lady will fall.
"After fucking my girl, I decided it would be hot to give her a Dirty Simon."
"Awwww, the Dirty Simon!"
by Daniel Rose July 26, 2006
An intimate act of sexual intercourse, which involves tying a dogs to a bed, so that it lays on it's back with it's legs open and bound. You then proceed to lubricate either the rectum or vagina (whatever your vice) with homemade Vaseline, and make rough, dry love to the unlubricated hole. Then, before climax you pull out and ejaculate in the lubricated hole.
My girlfriend was away today, so I gave her dog a Dirty Kungl.
by Daniel Rose July 26, 2006
A person with red hair.
You: "Hey, look at that filthy, soulless, ginger-pubed ranga over there!"

Educated Friend: "What, the hamburglar?"
by Daniel Rose August 07, 2007
After having sex with a girl, you beat her head in with a croquet mallet, and give her a Dirty Sanchez with her own brains. Teabagging is also recommended.
"The sex with my girl wasn't good, so I gave her a Dirty Juanita."
"Awwww, the Dirty Juanita!"
by Daniel Rose July 26, 2006

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