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Something you yell when you find out some was, is, or is gana be taking a shower.
Kait saw Leah in the shower and yelled "OOOHHHHHHH MAMA!"
by Daniel Pritschow November 09, 2004
someone who gets angry alot and really fast
subject 1: how can people not make youmad ever?
subject 2: idk
subject 2: im just not an....angrifyable person
by Daniel Pritschow November 17, 2004
a "cowboy kait" is when you put a peice of fruit up someones ass and yell.. COWBOY KAIT.. then give it to a hobo?
Damn, that hobo just received a cowboy kait! And he ate it to!!!!
by Daniel Pritschow November 18, 2004
This is basicle the same thing as a cowboy dan but, it has a twist. Instead of sticking yer finger up someones butthole and yelling cowboy dan, you stick yer dick up there butthold and yell cowboy max.
Max: Want a cowboy max?
Subject 1: ummm....sure
*max wips his thingy out*
Subject 1:omg! Max! put that thing away!
by Daniel Pritschow November 10, 2004
Its almost the same as a cowboy max which is almost the same as a cowboy dan, but when u sick yer dick up there butthold u use lube and yell Cowboy Will!!!
Will Loves Krista sooo Much!
by Daniel Pritschow November 10, 2004

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