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5 definitions by Daniel Porter

An individual with clumsy legs, or actually has dildos for legs.
Run dildo legs. RUN.
by Daniel Porter June 06, 2005
47 5
An fortutous happening.
I made alot of money this week. I am just cheddar ballin' on cloud nine.
by Daniel Porter June 27, 2006
8 8
An extremely pleasant blow job...
"Dude, that chick the other night must have known what she was doing. She gave me a 'Royal Enema'like no other"
by Daniel Porter March 02, 2006
8 10
Fisting, but with those "Hulk handsnd at your local Retailer.Fisting
Want to be "Hulk Fisted" ?
by Daniel Porter October 13, 2003
8 15
Deep vaginal/anal/oral penetration
Last night, I Mcribbed Mary so hard last night, she lost her voice in the morning.
by Daniel Porter September 11, 2006
12 62