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Opposite of the word yarp.
Meaning no.
Person 1:You wanna go to the movies?
Person 2:Narp
by Daniel N June 15, 2008
1. a way of saying 'bitch ass'.
2. when 'bitch' just isn't strong enough.
1. "im jocking on your bichsnazz"
2. look at this lil bitchsnazz thinkin he's got some!
by Daniel N November 01, 2007
Gayrod spelled backwards.
Used when around adults so that they don't know what you are saying.
Kid 1: Hah! i took your lollipop!
Kid 2: Give it back you Doryag!
Confused Parents 1 and 2: Doryag?
by Daniel N June 15, 2008
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