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Definately the greatest football club in Britain, we play the best football. have had some excellent footballers over the years such as Bobby Moore, Di Canio, Benayoun & Dean Ashton. We also sing the best football song in the game even better than waht them scandinavian kopites sing when they win "You'll never walk alone"

I'm forever blowin bubbles, Pretty bubbles in the air
They fly so high, they reach the sky! And like my dreams they fade and die.... FORTUNES ALWAYS HIDING, I've looked everywhere... Im forever blowin bubbles, PRETTY BUBBLES IN THE AIR
West Ham Utd have a great footballing side and a decent firm the ICF (Inner City Firm) They run them Millwall cunts all over London the horrible gang of racist fuckin bastards, and there a gang of turks....

We hate Millwall, We hate Millwall, WE HATE MILLWALL WE DO
#football #west ham #hammers #irons #legends #great team #icf #millwall #football legends #bobby moore #gse #green street #cockney rhyman slang
by Daniel McNab May 17, 2006
People from Manchester are known as Manc Twats or Septik Tanks by people in Britain
We mugged them horribles septik tanks off last night after the game,
#mancs #twats #cunts #septik tanks #.dickheads
by Daniel McNab May 17, 2006
People from Birmingham
"The worst accents in Britain or of the brummys"
#brummys #slags #birmingham. accents #voices #britain
by Daniel McNab May 17, 2006
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