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The past, present and future of wrestling. He is made of rubber.
Look at Ric Flair with his manly, rubbery strut!
by Daniel McLaren October 03, 2003
A resturant chain that has been repeatadly robbed by that no good son-of-a-gun Booker T.
No Booker T! Please don't rob us!
by Daniel McLaren September 01, 2003
A race of other-dimensional goblins, who suck water through concrete. When this happens, a loud noise is heard.
Good God! The Water Goblins are stealing my water!
by Daniel McLaren June 27, 2003
A lifetime of slavery and whippings that you get if you apply for a job at Burger King.
"Oh no! Not whoppertunities! They are painful!"
by Daniel McLaren June 13, 2004

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