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3 definitions by Daniel Hough

Similar to 'thank you captain obvious'.
Something you say to a dumbass who points out a completely obvious thing!
Dumbass: "Hey, your head is on fire!"
Smartass: "Yeah, no shit, sherlock!"
by Daniel Hough April 12, 2004
90 7
A word to describe someone's use of words.
"Hey you have really good wordage."
"I've got good wordage!"
"Your wordage is so lame!"
by Daniel Hough April 12, 2004
9 3
I am Fragsta. Daniel Hough. Bwahahahar! Since this is the first entry for it at Urban Dictionary.com it is officially copyrighted to me, Daniel Hough of the UK. So if you steal it, I will sue you. Oh, and visit www.isay-whatho.com please!

Fragsta has joined the game

Person in CoD: Hey it's Fragsta! Everyone run, or he'll pwn us!
Person in CoD 2: Hahar, I'll kick his arse!
Person in CoD 2 was killed by Fragsta
Fragsta: XD
by Daniel Hough September 11, 2004
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