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live indie-rock for the masses. bands with recorded performances include fugazi, slint, at the drive-in, blonde redhead, rodan, rocket from the crypt and more. site also includes a lively message board covering music and other entertainment (movies, tv, games, comics, etc.).
transmission 3000 can kick your ass.
by daniel harvey December 19, 2004
The best drummer from the biggest underground metal band Disturbed. He uses a double bass drum kit for extra fast beats. The best double bass he plays is in the song Liberate from their ablum Believe
Person A: "So who do you think is a good double bass drummer?"

Person B: "I reckon Mike Wrengren from Disturbed is good."
by Daniel Harvey March 04, 2005
From The Simpsons when Homer had his car stuck in New York. The old man came up and Homer asked what he was selling and he said 'Kukalush'.
Homer: What have you got?
Old man: Kukalush
Homer: Ok, ill have one of those.
Old man: No! Stick! Stick!
by Daniel Harvey February 21, 2005
Ex bassist from Disturbed. He left the band because his personality differences that he has with the other band members. I think that he shouldnt of left, he was the best. David (vocals) said on the M.O.L. DVD that he was the final part of the equation, that he completed the band, and they all went together. Then like 2 years after, he leaves. Sucks so much!!
Person A: "Sucks that Fuzz left Disturbed, aye!"

Person B: "I know, he was a kick ass bassist!!"
by Daniel Harvey May 31, 2005

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