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10 definitions by Daniel Connolly

An electrical memory machine that freezes, crashes, loses files and generally acts in a way designed solely to annoy and aggrevate
"Any chance of printing off those documents I asked for?"
"Not with this useless piece of crap cuntputer, no!"
by Daniel Connolly April 13, 2007
13 1
A politically incorrect way of explaining how gay men are attracted to gay men.
-John's getting alot of attention from those moustachioed biker chaps
-Yeah, he must be pumping out some heavy fairymones
by Daniel Connolly April 19, 2007
8 3
The ability to stay silent when surrounded by morons pontificating on subjects they know nothing about
- I'd have thought Daniel would have added his two penny worth by now
- By the look on his face and the blood coming from his mouth, I'd say he's using emote control
by Daniel Connolly April 17, 2007
5 0
The memory of sex and the silkiness of a woman's body. The ability to almost feel what others are feeling when you haven't had a feel for ages.
I've given up using porn, I now rely solely on my ability to empathighs; so tell me some juicy gossip
by Daniel Connolly April 19, 2007
5 1
A tome that enables the user to understand what is being said by the drunkest of people.
- Furginell, islate, gemmeefurgincab
- Stand back, I have the bourban dictionary: My word, it's late, could somebody procure me a taxi please?
by Daniel Connolly April 19, 2007
9 5
Someone who, for all intents and purposes, is part of the human race, but doesn't appear to be actually have a role within the human race, such as a computer geek or a divorcee over 40
- That John needs to get a life

- Face it, he's just a life extra
by daniel connolly April 20, 2007
3 0
Any relief or succour got from a religious body, particularly in times of stress (confession) or dire straits (last rites)
After the divorce he thought that he was Hell bound, until he recieved some preacher comforts
by Daniel Connolly April 18, 2007
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