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A game resulting in large piles of people laying on top of each other. When an unsuspecting victim is laying down on the floor, someone shouts "Walrus pile!" and jumps on top of them. Everyone else in the room also yells "Walrus pile!" and must immediately jump on and stack atop the victim. Ignore the muffled screams of the poor person at the bottom of the pile.
If no one is laying on the floor, a walrus pile may be started by wrestling the victim to the ground and then shouting "Walrus pile" as normal.
Daniel: "Psst, hey Steve, check it out. Aaron's just laying there on the ground watching TV."
Steve: "WALRUS PILE!!!"
Aaron: "Mmmmfph! Mmph!"


Daniel: "Hey Tucker did you hear how we got 10 people in on a walrus pile on top of Aaron?"
Tucker: "Yeah, I heard you made him cry. Ha ha ha!"
by Daniel Chapman May 06, 2007
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