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A great J-Rock band that did most of the soundtrack to the anime' series FLCL. It's a shame that most people will only find them through FLCL as I did. The music complemented FLCL perfectly. Both works of art. Band has a very funky style, with nice mellow to rock tunes. A band I wish was supported more.
Most the FLCL songs are good.
by Daniel Carvalho June 13, 2004
A popular anime' series that made japanese animation mainstream in the west. Dragonball Z introduces interesting characters with depth often driven by emotion to the limit. The story is more complicated then it first appears and would not be totally understood by younger viewers. Through the most part the series follows the main hero Goku, his family and friends who end up often becoming the underdog in the battle against a greater evil driven power. Which is always satisfying to behold when good finally is trumphiant.
Dragonball Z is amazing.
by Daniel Carvalho June 13, 2004

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