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Prodding device used to press spillage from a joint back into a world of neatness.
Gertrude: "Oh fiddlesticks, I can't get this roach in."

Tyrone: "Fear not oh impatient one, this chinese chopstick can be used as a shtoob."

Gertrude: "Thanks Tyrone, hey what do you think happens if i put my finger in a plug socket..."
by Daniel Burgess January 13, 2004
Cheap male slut. Usually used as an insult.
Tristan - "My, you are a cock, Zebediah."

Zebediah - "Fuck you, you two bob jake."
by Daniel Burgess February 02, 2004
An exclamation of shock.
Jeff - "I'm so bored, I wish there was something on telly..."

Stanley, upon switching on the TV - "85b watermelons!! We're missing Neighbours!"
by Daniel Burgess February 02, 2004
Really, really good. Similar to 'Ya dancer'.
The hottest girl you know tells you that she is in love with you and, quite simply, wants your cock. Voice in your head during the walk home: 'That's fuckin bambino by the way!'
by Daniel Burgess March 19, 2004

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