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The real problem though is that those who are awkward around girls over-think the spooning issue and assume there's a problem (this is a larger issue as the result of movies such as Mallrats). There is in fact no problem, assuming the dude is the big spoon. The dude, assuming he is a left-leaner, need only put his right arm over the chick, his left arm under her through the natural crook created by her neck, clasp the arms together through the boobs and be safe. D'uh. Fucking tards.
Dude #1: Schwoah brah, I just realized that there's no need to amputate my awkward arm, the real issue is that I'm just awkward!

Dude #2: Yeah dude, suicide's really the only option for you.
by Daniel Betts October 09, 2007

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