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Linguistics- When the "y" sound in words like "Tuesday" (tyoosday) is dropped to (toosday). Same with words like "stupid", "duty", and "due".
Bret: Stop being so stupid, you're like a retarded ape.

Dick: What? I'm "styoopid"? it's "stoopid" get it right, you sound like a gaylord.

Bret: Piss off, Gaylord is my surname. The British don't yod-drop, it's degrading to the English language.
#no #synonyms #'cause #this #word #is #freakin' #obscure
by Danibongar April 17, 2008
Noun. The act of physically removing a fart from its source to another so as to put the blame on an innocent party or to make someone puke as in transporting the fart to their face. The vector for communication is usually by hand, though a jar can be used for preservation; i.e. if the targeted party is not within vicinity.
Manual Transfarts can be used to evoke infuriation, life-long resentment, and straight up convulsive laughter for the doer of the action.
#unethical #tooter #flatus #barfable #nasty
by Danibongar April 18, 2008
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