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A catchphrase made popular by various High-School Bimbos and Darren Criss of StarKidPotter. Used in reference to something cool and fun; more than partly awesome. Can be heard many times within "A Very Potter Musical" (formerly known as "HP the Musical") both in song and speech form. It is now a phrase widely used within the Harry Potter fandom (thank you, Darren).
Harry Potter:
I'll cast some spells, with a flick of my wand
Defeat the dark arts, yeah bring it on!
And do it all with my best friend Ron,
'Cause together we're Totally Awesome


Draco Malfoy:

This year, you bet, I'm gonna get outta here
The reign of Malfoy is drawing near
I'll have the greatest wizard career,
And its gonna be Totally Awesome


A Fan:
StarKidPotter is Totally Awesome
by DaniZig July 30, 2009
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