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1 definition by Dani Girl Fag Hag

A woman who enjoys the company of gay men. They can often be mistaken for a married couple... because simply spending that much time together they gain a friendship which is very close to a married relationship. Because like a married relationship they love eachother, while they can't stand eachother, and there is no sex.
Hag: "OMG! You are such a mean bitch! You have no feelings!"
Fag: "Oh really... well you are an over-emotional whiny bitch!"
Hag: "God I hate you!"
Fag: "Fine if you feel that way... I get the diamonds... you can keep the kids!"
Hag: "Ummm... we're not married... we are too broke to have diamonds... and there are no kids!"
Fag: "Oh yeah... sorry... felt like I was married for a moment."
Hag: "It's okay..."
Fag: "You want to go scoop out some hot boys?"
Hag: "Sure."
Fag: "You know I love ya fag hag! And you can't deny you love your fag!"
Hag: "No I can't! Love you too!"

Actual fight with my fag... I'm a self admitted fag hag... and well... I love it!!
by Dani Girl Fag Hag January 09, 2006