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2 definitions by Dani Cali

He's hot but he's a player so you definatley don't want to date him... he's really a great friend though, super funny!
Girl 1: What would you say if Seamus asked you out?

Girl 2: Yes, of course! He is soo hot!!

Girl 1: Really? Have you even met him? He's a total player!

Girl 2: So, I would still say yes... it's not like I'll be surprised if he cheats on me! I'll see it coming.
by Dani Cali August 12, 2011
52 33
A really awesome guy if your nice to him... he'll get really mad sometimes. But he's REALLY funny! Not afraid to say whats on his mind.
Girl 1: I hope Evan asks me to the dance he's super hot and really funny!

Girl 2: No you don't he has anger issues!

Girl 1: oh... :(
by Dani Cali August 12, 2011
21 40