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another word for farting
by Dani February 16, 2003
Is what police call people who flag them down while they are walking around or driving in their cars.
PERSON: "Yoo-Hoo, officer, I need some help over here!"
COP: "I hate yoo-hoos!"
by Dani February 08, 2006
Period. Monthly present.
I don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.
by Dani August 11, 2004
Just another day where some person was born
youre birthday
by Dani January 14, 2004
When something is J-Waters.
Observing someone speaking and joshing to fake birds. For an uncomfortably long time.
by Dani April 05, 2003
Abbreviation for the TV show title "Veronica Mars" - VM.
Girl 1: "Did you catch VM last night?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, Logan is such a sweety"
by dani December 14, 2005
Abbreviation of the TV show "Joan of Arcadia" starring Amber Tamblyn.
"Did you watch JOA last night? It had some serious good ripples going on!"
by Dani October 23, 2005

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