65 definitions by Dani

the sweet sweet juice frome a females vigina that we all as men crave
brody drank dani's tangy poonjuice and loved it
by dani December 01, 2003
When two people are fighting (such as, in batman) someone would say "have a belt on me!" as they're hitting the other. Meaning, an offer to get hit.
Have a Belt on me, Chum!
by Dani April 07, 2005
A term used when describing something extremely hot (i.e. a turn on).
Holy shit, that guy is sex in a can!
by Dani September 02, 2004
2.a carnivorous mammal long domesticated as a pet and for catching rats and mice.
3. any of a family of animals (as lion,lynx, or leopard) including the domestic cat.
Jayce has a rather lazy nitten.
by Dani November 05, 2004
something that is worn by dani and dani only
I want Dani's mest vest!
by Dani September 03, 2003
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