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Our Lady of Lourdes Academy is a Catholic school in Miami, FL. It is really difficult to get into and normally about 200 applicants do not get accepted. Its girls range from poor to well- off, but there is no perticular economic status that can be associated with these girls. The schools academics are seen to be challenging, and a large percentage of their sports teams are ranked highly in the state. There are no perticular guys that Lourdes girls date, but most tend to date either Belen Jesuit high school or Chistopher Columbus high school students. Although, some girls do date guys from other schools including public schools and universities. There is no hatred for any school by Lourdes, but there is a bit of a rivalry between Lourdes and Carrolton (I don't know how to spell that by the way so it may be wrong). Some us may be prude considering it is a Catholic school and Catholicism teaches chastity, but this does not apply to all Lourdes girls. Also, how is this a bad thing? Oh, and I have never even heard of one lesbian Lourdes girl while I have heard of some from other schools. In addition, Lourdes girls are generally very pretty so "busted" would definitely not be the right word to describe all Lourdes girls. I don't know where people get off saying differently. Please, stop believing these stereotypes. Girls at Lourdes are diverse just like girls or guys anywhere else. So get a life, and stop criticizing Lourdes or any school, for that matter.
Damn it, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy kicked our asses at the soccer game.

That Lourdes girl is so chill.

That Lourdes girl is stacked. I'd tap that if she'd let me.

Random person: Why the hell is that girl so cool?
Random person 2: She goes to Lourdes.
by Dani, Patty and Vicky November 10, 2006

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