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10 definitions by Dangerous G

A 3-some involving 2 guys and a girl - one guy goes 'heads' the other 'tails', you figure it out!
Guy 1: I'll go in the mouth...
Guy 2: ...and I'll go in the peach (or chocolate)
Girl: Mmmphngggghmpph!!!
by Dangerous G February 08, 2004
497 410
Large Polynesian people who originally hail from Samoa but can be found in larger numbers throughout New Zealand and Australia. Generally very friendly but only piss them off if you're tired of living
Littly Timmy was sick of living, so he went to Auckland to piss off some Samoans
by Dangerous G March 28, 2004
658 581
What fat people go on to lose weight. Apparently, if all you eat is cabbage soup, the weight falls off you, but it makes your shit 20 times more rancid. My ex-boss was on one for a couple of months - he'd go grab the newspaper and charge into the toilet for a good half hour session. The place was off-limits for a good 45 minutes afterwards and some of the tiles had fallen off the walls
Workmate: Oh dear, Lynchy's just gone into the bogs with the paper
Me: Dammit! I really need to piss! Guess I'll have to go in the 'ladies'...
by Dangerous G April 12, 2004
44 17
A talentless, cock-sucking, social cling-on who talks shit, has no balls and can't get laid. Makes himself out to be a tough guy, but I would bet good money that most 150lbs weaklings could dish the hurt on him with little or no effort. If I ever saw him I would beat the shit into his smug face, shit in that stupid cap he wears and set fire to his clothes. For added value, I'd whip out my cock and piss all over him shouting "Hey look! I'm pissing on Fred Durst". Then I'd bet most people would join in
Fred Durst: Back the fuck up!
Weakling: BOO!
Fred Durst: I have to go now, I've just shat my stupid pants
by Dangerous G March 25, 2004
120 95
Any 'undesirable' female you manage to score with, one that you can practice all your moves on (and any dirty stuff) for when you manage to hook up with a hottie, the idea being that no matter how bad/dirty you were, you're not really looking to hook up this particular girl again
Guy 1: Mate, that chick you took home last night was nasty
Guy 2: I know, she was a tackle bag
by Dangerous G February 07, 2004
27 5
A brand of cheap, nasty, mass-produced alcohol. They do vodka, gin, white rum and scotch whiskey... well, an attempt at them anyway - all shitty poison. The worst hangover of your life will ensue should you drink enough of this crap
Good for cleaning paint brushes
by Dangerous G April 18, 2004
16 4
A shit fastfood joint that sells rancid burgers drenched in sauce and minging fries that taste like soap. I always seem to eat from there when I'm hungover though...
I just ate some Hardees because I got shit-faced last night and it seemed like a great idea at the time. I now feel as though I've been licking a dogs anus. Pretty sure I'll be shitting for a week now...
by Dangerous G April 13, 2004
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