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A bastardisation of the world's favourite sport of football that involves the centre-halves lumping the ball as hard as they possibly can to an enormous centre forward. This sport require s significantly less talent than the popular sport of football.

However, it does cost a lot of money to put together a Stokeball team which differentiates it from the hoofball played by Wimbledon and Heart of Midlothian teams of old.

Stokeball works particularly well when you pick up 14,000 fairweather fans when you go up a division.
A fifty yard pass from defence to a 6' 8" centre-forward. Lovely bit of Stokeball there.
by Dangerous Dave Angell September 02, 2012
Somebody who was Born a Virgin, will Live a Virgin and will Die a Virgin.
'That smackrat is a proper bavlavdav isn't he?'
by Dangerous Dave Angell March 02, 2010
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