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2 definitions by Danger McHot Sexypants

When something is much too cool or awesome for just one word to describe it.
Edwin: So what did you do last night?
Brendan: I was out at the bar, when two girls picked me up, brought me back to their apartment and proceeded to give me a two girl blumpkin.
Edwin: Sick dick!
by Danger McHot Sexypants March 04, 2010
When something is so awesome and so sick dick that it blows your mind to almost disbelief and you feel the need to describe it, but normal words/sayings just won't cut it.
Brendan: So where were you last night? You left the bar pretty early.
Edwin: Yeah I know, I met these two sorority girls last night and I ended up going back to their house and had a threesome.
Brendan: Sick dick!
Edwin: No, even better. Turns out we were being super loud while I was giving them both an alabama hot pocket and I woke up one of their other sisters. I guess they're really comfortable with each other because I ended up giving the third girl a birmingham booty call.
Brendan: You're right, thats Cock Diesel!
by Danger McHot Sexypants March 07, 2010