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A '96 Ford Bronco that's built to suit the 'yeehaw' personality of Caucasians of the 'rural' persuasion.
Danny: "Yo, have you seen the new snow tires on my Bootsy Bronc? They are phat."
by Danger Boy January 22, 2004
An adjective used to decribe a person sleeping in apparel that he/she plans to wear during the course of the following day -- after waking.
Small Johnny: "Yo, check out Pookie, he crashed out ready-rolled for his court date tomorrow morning."
by Danger Boy January 23, 2004
to get the someone's phone number; digits
Damn, slim, I was at the club last night and booked three bitches; I'm a pimp.
by Danger Boy December 03, 2004
The general scope of this definition has recently been expanded to include all Ford Broncos manufactured between model years ’92 and ’96 (inclusive); providing the vehicle is equipped with the following aftermarket redneck paraphernalia: brush guard, mud flaps, aerial antenna (exceeding four feet in length), flood lights, and at least one decal/sticker referencing NASCAR and/or any other affiliated domestic, racing program.
Danny: "When yer talkin' 'bout mud flaps for my Bootsy Bronc, size DOES matter."
by Danger Boy January 23, 2004
To snuggle with your 'bun' or boo
Me and my boo were all bunned-up on the couch last night catch'n a flick.
by Danger Boy November 15, 2004
A derogatory term used to reference a person, typically a close associate, which fails to meet expectations in a particular circumstance. Generalization: A person that is incapable of succeeding; a loser.
“Why is a cool cat like myself hangin’ wit all you drop shots?! Dats not my steezo!” Derived from the game of basketball; where a player has possession of the ball and is in a position to make an easy score; but fails to make the shot and/or drops the ball.
by Danger Boy January 23, 2004
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