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To runaway, escape, or use ninja-tactics (such as teleportation, or smoke-bomb-and-backflip) to avoid being caught.
damn yo, this place is crazy lame... lets dodge.

Oh no! it's the fuzz! dodge, yo!
by Dangar The Mighty August 27, 2003
A Mechanical Pimp. a robot pimp... robo-pimp... a dude made of metal who smacks hos and takes their money, and eats alot of sammiches... metal sammiches...
I am the Pimpbot, so you whores best drop my money right here, women...
by Dangar the Mighty August 28, 2003
A mighty brave gamer sucked into his tv whilst playing a Nintendo Entertainment System. Aided by his 8-bit troupe and armed only with a standard issue NES controller-belt, this young man fights against evil... and stuff .... oh yeah, it was a tv show, yo.
Captain N is awesome man.
Yeah, yeah he is.
by Dangar the Mighty August 28, 2003
Most Mightiest of warriors
Oh no! it's DANGAR the mighty, everyone watchout!
by Dangar the Mighty August 28, 2003
Interjection. Can be used anywhere, assuming the user is a badass like me.
ROAR! Grumble grumble!!!
by Dangar the Mighty October 27, 2003

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