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4 definitions by DangNasty

A sexual position in which a woman or man sucks a penis with a mouthful of sunflower seeds. Not at all pleasuresome for either party.
We got drunk and ran out of cough drops, so she gave me a Louisville Woodchipper. Never again, dude.
by DangNasty October 03, 2006
An act in which two nude men stand facing one another, approximately eight inches apart, and swing their hips in such a manner that the hats of their flaccid penises slap together repeatedly. A third party can be introduced, however, the body motion must be changed to vertical.
There's fucking nothing going on tonight. Why don't we just slap hats?
by DangNasty October 03, 2006
(n) The moment at which a man knows ejaculation is imminent. A wunwee is recieved rather than achieved, much like a woman's period. See example for proper usage.
When she let me take the condom off, I finally got my wunwee.
by DangNasty October 03, 2006
A virgin Canadian asshole.
It took me forever to enter that cuck in Toronto last night.
by DangNasty October 03, 2006