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5 definitions by Dane Roberts

A relationship status that essentially conveys that "it's not going to work out." The term "complicated," masks the truth of the situation for the two in the relationship, but everyone else knows what "complicated" means.
Billy and Jane hadn't seen each other in sometime. When confronted by George, Billy said that his relationship was "complicated."
by Dane Roberts January 13, 2007
141 71
The almost orgasmic feeling one has after watching an exciting episode of Battlestar Galactica.
Kevin could not sustain a galactigasm after Adama's brilliant handling of the Cylon threat.
by Dane Roberts December 09, 2006
58 10
Comparable to a shrug (in body language), it is a word of indifference that expresses a state of apathy.
"What did you think about that movie," she asked. "Nugh," he stated in return.
by Dane Roberts January 31, 2006
14 4
To make hilarious. (Verb)
Kelsey was hilariousating the situation.
by Dane Roberts September 13, 2006
17 9
A Lieberman (or to "Pull a Lieberman") is the act of winning something despite failing support (more specifically, winning an election when your party turns against you).
Bob just pulled a Lieberman; he won the race even after all of his friends said he wouldn't.
by Dane Roberts April 12, 2007
51 61