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3 definitions by Dane Hansen

When a group of gentleman arrange in a circle, and gingerly touch the tips of their peni. It’s not gay, just more like a special handshake or an expression of joy.
“Good job on securing that recent win, chum! Shall we celebrate by forming a wagon wheel?”
by Dane Hansen August 06, 2012
37 30
A poop that is particularly long, smelly, liquid, or gross. A notable poop. Particularly when the poop is an emergency, such as following a large meal of pizza and root beer.
Dude I went to Old Chicago and ate a whole large deep dish pizza and drank tons of their Mug Root Beer on tap. I had the poopingtons so bad that I had to poop at Tim's mom's house!
by Dane Hansen August 10, 2011
4 1
The act of pooping so hard that you become immediately hungry and then the proceeding feast only leads to yet another poop. A vicious cycle. Particularly when you can no longer remember if the loop was started by a poop or a meal, at this point you know you have entered a temporal causality poop.
Dude I found the best 24-hour all-you-can-eat Buffet in Vegas with really nice toilets inside. I totally forced myself into a temporal causality poop. I was there for days!
by Dane Hansen August 10, 2011
3 1