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False data. Made up tales from a phony internet news site that laughingly passes for true journalism. A spurious document created by a far right lunatic. Any news spin that is believed by dumb Fox News Fans
Hannity's news piece was a joke. His source was the Drudged Up Report. We all know that Matt Drudge is a puppet of GW Bush and a star Fox News Bushtard.
by Dane Eidson January 18, 2009
A man who must ride waves of fat before he can have intercourse with an extremely obese woman.
Your daddy is a fat surfer because your mother is so fat that before your daddy can make love to her he must first slap her thighs and then ride the waves in.
by Dane Eidson January 12, 2009
huckabeeits The act of obfuscation in answering complicated questions that one does not know the answer to.
The former Gorvenor used huckabeeits to worm his way out of admitting he did not know the answer to the serious question asked him by answering with, "Ha ha ha, let me tell you a funny story and awww shucks!"
by Dane Eidson July 10, 2008
Huckabeeism Far right neo-consertatives that believe God is a Republican and the GOP is the party of the Almighty.
Joe Q. Public is an adherent to huckabeeism because he believes the Contitution of the United States must be replaced with the KJV Bible.
by Dane Eidson January 21, 2008
A Super Hero. A great action figure. Mega Genius. One good looking righteous laid back cool Dude. The greatest President ever to hold the office of the presidency in the entire history of the United States of America
David Banner watched Bill Oreily on Fox News and got angry and then he turned into the Incredible Hulk. The Incredible Hulk while going into a rage over Oreily watched Hannity on the Fox News Channel and grew even more angry that he turned into Chuck Norris. By this time Chuck Norris was really pissed. But when Chuck Norris saw President George W. Bush on the Red Eye of Fox News Chuck Norris went insane pushed there by his fuming red hot wrath. Then Chuck Norris turned into the Incredible Barack Obama. Barack Obama calmed down and relaxed and waved at the people. He's just an awesome dude that stays cool under pressure. He's a super hero. He is the Incredible Barack Obama!
by Dane Eidson January 19, 2009
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