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noun. A man. Also fabled to be a dragon man. Or perhaps just a dragon.
And the Trogdor comes in the night!
by Dane May 09, 2003
Fimbul(Norse for 'Mighty')+Bum(English for any person in a shitty financial state, often a fucktard or assclown).

Therefore, a mighty bum. A king of the fuckers.
That shitehole on the street was one hell of a fimbulbum.

Lord allmighty, Paul! You are one fimbulbum!
by Dane November 16, 2003
Rembrandt, Dutch Renaissance artist cir. 1600 known for his usage of light and shading, was a sexy piece of ass.
'Look at the shading on /that/ ass, yo'

'fo real'
by Dane April 16, 2005
A consistency of shit that upon taking it, its foulness sticks to any substance it comes in contact with. The bowl requires multiple flushes to remove it, and when wiping you have to wad up the tissue paper and physically ‘rake’ / scrape it out from your crack.
That crap was so nasty, I really had to get up in there and dig it out...it was a mud-raker.
by Dane February 27, 2005
The years a person gets raped by that special someone aka ur cousin
Dane was has been through 5 to 10
by Dane September 04, 2004
a slng name for police
the fucking obile are on the way
by dane March 19, 2004
Mathematical term referring to a loud yelp of joy. Referred to as SOH.
Oh Sine! Where did you come from
by Dane January 22, 2003

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