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The shit that collects under some unwashed nuts.
I've got some mad fermunda cheese!

Fermunda Cheese?

Yeah, fermunda my nuts!
by Dane February 15, 2004
When one inserts one of his toes, preferably the big one, into the vagina of a female.
Last night I toe-banged a chick.
by DanE August 31, 2004
When a male forms his genitals into other things. i.e. The fruitbowl, or the Eiffel Tower
The hamburger is some crazy puppetry of the penis!

see www.genitalorigami.com
by Dane April 09, 2004
A west Coast City in the state of California that sit almost directly on the San Andreas Fault. One day we will all be rescued from the bad films, annoying celebrities, violent gansters, and smog that this city houses, when a large earthquake will eventually bring the collection of suburbs to its knees. The hollywood hills will turn into a lanslide of the rich and famous.
You silly buggers should have found somewhere smarter to live.
by dane April 06, 2005
A drink of Beer/Cider and blackcurrant.
Mostly drunk by expat Aussies in Aussie bars around the world and by European and American backpackers who are in Australia
I drank too many Pints of Snakebite last night that my tongue is now red and I have a hyperactive hangover.
by Dane January 05, 2005
a shwiggle is what your butt does when you sharpen a pencil in a manual pencil sharpener
he has a shwiggle
by Dane April 21, 2004
A cruel saying to someone who is not tribbin. Some one who lacks cooler quailities.
You're are such a freeb.
This teacher of mine is a freeb.
Don't be such a freeb.
by Dane September 28, 2004
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