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Performing cunilingus.

From the resemblance between eating a juicy mango and performing oral sex on a female.
Guy: My girlfriend likes me to perform oral sex on her, but I don't enjoy it.... It's just so ... wet and messy.

His buddy: Dude, think of it as, like, eating a mango. In fact, my girlfriend calls it eating the mango.
by Dandy Dinmot May 17, 2009
Repeatedly pressing the elevator button as if doing so will make the elevator come sooner.
Observer: "You seem to think that pressing the elevator button again and again will make the elevator come more quickly. It won't. You're button clitting, and its a total waste of energy."
Button Clitter: "I know, but I can't help it."
by Dandy Dinmot April 26, 2009

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