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Legend of a disco, all the coolest people go there !
You going to mohill on friday ?! hell ye !!
by Dancegirl10290 April 17, 2009
A phrase said if you are from leitrim and when you have just answered you phone.
(phone rings)
(Leitrimer picks up phone)
"Well, Wats de craic ?!"
by Dancegirl10290 April 17, 2009
Amazing People that brighten everyones day. They always come in twos. They love watersports and going to mohill. They are generally seen in leitrim in places such as carrick cineplex and lough allen adventure.
Well, wats de craic ?!

..oh, I really wish the hannahs were here this week, its sooo boring without them

Ye.....ya gotta love the leitrim hannahs

by Dancegirl10290 April 17, 2009

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