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A wonderful best friend to have and the most amazing girl in the world! She is a amazing athelete and is VERY ticklish, so shes a TOTAL keeper! With her perfect tan, sparkley eyes, wonderful sense of style, sense of humor, and her smarts guys love her and are simpliy attrached to her. She loves all kinds of music especially country-pop! haha. Stephanie is a very caring person and always has a smile on her face unless she is beating someone up! LOL! Bottom line is: Stephanie is the most perfect girl in the world and is a perfect best friend or girlfriend.
Boy 1: Dang Stephanie is so amazing
Boy 2: Ya i wish she was my girlfriend
Boy 1: Same
by dancedancedance101 December 29, 2011
Another version of the word 'yep' and is commonly used in text messaging and chatting online. You also use the word if you are saying yes to something or just randomly saying yeperz!! It's a funny word to say and it can easily become your favorite word!!!!! Everyone loves the word yeperz!
Girl: did you do the project in science yet??
Boy: yeperz!!


Boy: I'm driving to san fransico!!
Girl: oh cool!!
Boy: yeperz!
by Dancedancedance101 December 17, 2011
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