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Originally, Pepsi Cola used the phrase in 1950 for their marketing slogan, "More bounce to the ounce." Meaning, it pepped you up more with each incremental amount. However, Roger Troutman recorded the song for his band Zapp in 1980. It became a huge hit. In the song, which is recorded as a dance hit, he writes, "I like to watch them bounce", "get on the dance floor" and the song also features his voices uttering the sounds that sound like man's tongue and lips blubbering. This clearly indicates the reference to a woman's breasts and a man's desire to see them on the dance floor bouncing, not to mention the enjoyment of experiencing breasts on a more intimate level. Basically, the current concept of "more bounce to the ounce" refers to how most men find a large set of woman's breasts more desirable than smaller sets.
"Look at the stack she's carryin'. She's got more bounce to the ounce."
by Dance If You Want To September 06, 2011

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