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A loosely used term to define any person who may or may not do sexual favors for various drugs such as heroin, meth, coke, ect.
My husbands ex-wife is a big crack whore.
by Dana Hawn January 18, 2004
Don't know, don't care, and won't fucking listen to your stupid ass mouth rattling on about trivial only important to you bullshit.
Valerie examined her chipped nail while holding her hand up as her 15 year old daughter begged the hand to go to the local rave party.
by Dana Hawn August 31, 2003
A person who tries to fit in with a crowd that does not like them or will not let them hang out with the group.
Harold's ex-wife is a wannab biker chick.
by Dana Hawn January 18, 2004
going from nightclub to nightclub until the person finds the nightclub where all the action is happening!
Dana and Valerie use to go clubbing every weekend when they were young.
by Dana Hawn August 31, 2003
Superior or highest being amongest a following order of ratass bar-ho's and bitches.
Well, she just thinks she is QueenB of fuckbed don't she? (A way of saying the woman sleeps with all the men she can, too. LOL)
by Dana Hawn January 18, 2004
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