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The people who are a digit either side of your phone number- Many a friendship has been struck up by saying hi to a text door neighbour.
Woody- 'Hey Dan, what happened when you got in touch with your text door neighbour?'
Dan- 'Absolutley nothing witheither of them- both were nutters!'
by dan_the_01 August 11, 2008
Noun. A sight common among the morbidly obese. The point at which one is so obese that there is no thinning of the leg between the knee and the calf, which creates a sense of fusion between the two. Consequently "Knalf" comes from the fusion of KNee and cALF. Cousin of the cankle
"If you thought that porkers cankle was impressive, you should check out her knalf!"
by dan_the_01 July 10, 2008
The final act whilst sat upon a toilet & having a dump, to squeeze the final bits of poo out.
I was sat on the john the other day for like, 10 minutes of pure thrutching, and nothing came out. I felt cheated
by Dan_the_01 May 09, 2011
The period of time needed to cast your eye over your Blackberry in order to see if you have mail etc.

Slightly longer than a quick glance and shorter than a gaze, when caught doing the blackberry stare, people not in the know will simply think you are stupid.
My mum thinks im in love with my phone. I was only giving it the 'Blackberry stare.'
by Dan_the_01 April 15, 2011
When you have your hair dyed or roots done and the colour runs down onto your head and dyes the skin around it creating an effect similar to the hair on a Lego character.
Dan: Hey Kezza, you coming out tonight?

Kezza: Nah, not tonight, just had my hair done and ive got a Lego head!
by dan_the_01 July 10, 2008
n. The act of nearing the end of cleaning ones teeth whilst wearing a hoody. As you lean over the sink to spit, one arm comes across the front of the body to catch the toggles of said hoody in a bow- like manner.
Person 1: "What's that white stuff on your hoody?"

Person 2: "I was in a rush this morning and forgot to do the 'hoody bow'"

Person 1: "Oh"
by Dan_the_01 April 15, 2011

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